Extreme Energy Coffee

Extreme Energy Coffee is made from selected Maca extract which is treasured in Peru, South America together with ginseng extract, instant coffee powder, non dairy creamer and fructose. This high quality coffee improves blood circulation and strengthens the body system, thus making it an ideal natural health drink.

The Peruvian treasure, Maca is acknowledged as a "Natural Vitality Nutrient". It possesses miraculous effects similar to ginseng in relieving fatigue, reviving vitality, elevating immunity, improving micro-circulation, balancing hormones and improving sexual performance.

Extreme Energy Coffee is categorized as FOOD and found no side effect for long term consume. It is produced and packed in a GMP Factory which obtained HALAL Certifications, HACCP Certification and ISO Certification in accordance to Manufacturing Requirement. Extreme Energy Coffee is exclusively packed for its Sole Distribution of BYG Worldwide Berhad.
Main ingredient in this Extreme Energy Coffee is Maca Extract. From research  Maca is known to be rich in phosphorous, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, proteins, natural fiber, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, esstial amino acids required by the human body, sterol, maceaene and macamide. These two components improve sexual functions in both men and women, thus Maca become known as a nourishing aphrodisiac food for fertility.

Extreme Energy Coffee helps:
• Reduces High Blood Pressure
• Reduces Sugar Level / Diabetic Problem
• Improve Organs Function
• Increase Energy
• Increases The Volume of Sperms
• Increase Red Blood Cell
• Best Solution For Blood Circulation
• Improve Body Immune and Nerf System
• Helps Prostate Problem
• Skin Cell Renewing
• Anti Aging

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